The Yankee - Vintage Pink - Leather BaseBall Cap

  • EAN/SKU:  7428476106164
  • Type: Leather BaseBall Cap
  • Each Cap is Unique in Structure & Color
  • Leather Vintage Pink: Italian, Soft & Smooth
  • Stitching: Circular Yarns Made of PET-Bottles
  • Logos P&D: Not Outside
  • Sizes EU: Adaptable by Velcro
  • Designed in Holland & DutchHandCrafted with Love
  • Limited Editions & No Mass Production
  • 59,00 €

    Designers Note by P&D | HandCrafted Luxury

    Are you tired of the same old baseball caps made from cheap materials and mass-produced designs? Look no further! Introducing our limited edition leather baseball caps, handcrafted with love and designed in Holland. The Yankee is crafted with precision and attention to detail, making it a unique piece that stands out from the crowd.

    The Yankee in The Wild