About Us

Born in America and rooted in a Dutch/Flemish and American Private-Label tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship.

The family owned Reg. Trademark has built its success on a firm belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of casual-stylish shapes and our passionate approach.

Our mission is to rethink & rewrite our ancestors heritage. This has made P&D Essentials a serious brand of accessories to last and be loved for generations to come.

Where Family Heritage Inspires

Family Photo Archive

We are a brand born from the stories of our ancestors, settlers and pioneers Van Polder & Dike, who started as small leather traders. With each step, they evolved into private-label specialists, crafting exquisite leather goods and apparel for renowned brands. Along the way, they encountered both triumphs and challenges, building expertise through hard work, perseverance, and endless experience.

Run by Family

Family Photo Archive

However, our ancestors never fathomed the idea of creating their own brand. They dedicated themselves entirely to perfecting their craft for others, channeling their passion into each product they manufactured. They believed in leaving a lasting mark through their renowned craftsmanship, rather than through a brand name.

Driven by Passion

Today, we proudly carry forward their legacy, offering you the opportunity to experience the same exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Explore our curated collection of leather goods and apparel, meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. We invite you to embrace the spirit of our pioneering ancestors and discover the casual-timeless elegance of Polder & Dike.

Crafted with Love

At our store, we honor the same principles that guided our ancestors decades ago: Quality and Integrity.

For generations, our well-skilled and motivated ancestors have been crafting a magnificent mix of leather accessories and garments. Today, we proudly follow in their footsteps.

Just like our grandparents, we believe in sourcing and using only the highest quality materials. We know that the key to creating timeless pieces lies in using exceptional materials.

Timeless is Key