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S A F E  F O R  L E A T H E R ,  S K I N  A N D  T H O S E  Y O U  L O V E

To enjoy your purchase to the fullest is maintaining the leather and suede is very important.


Leather and suede are 100% natural materials and therefore they have specific features. It feels sometimes cool or warm to the touch, has a breathable effect and a luxurious appearance. For that reason, we are happy to provide you with the following tips and tricks.


Leather needs to have natural oils replenished on a regular basis. Regular wear and exposure to the elements will dry out and fade the bag. Therefore use our 100% natural POLDER & DIKE Care products.


Throughout human history leather has been protected and treated with natural materials to ensure longevity. This is the basis for our recipes for all the POLDER & DIKE care products - hearkening back to the methods used in times past, with modern improvements.


POLDER & DIKE Cream and Dressing both deeply condition by infusing natural oils and lipids that rejuvenate your leather bag.

When leather is consistently conditioned it will resist scratches, wear marks and attain a beautiful patina over time.



Always use POLDER & DIKE Spot Cleaner. It's all natural, PH balanced and gentle on leather. For everything but deep stains this process will leave your leather clean and healthy.

STORAGE  Never use a plastic bag, as leather is a 100% natural material and needs to breath. Fill your POLDER & DIKE bag with old (news) paper(s) so it will keep its shape