HandCrafted Essentials


Respect for Our Planet

Our bags are handcrafted as limited editions, so it's possible that certain type or color will run out of stock. 

If this happens, we will switch to other leather or color with similar properties and color.

 Individual irregularities occur as a result and contribute to the character and appearance of our casual-stylish designs.

Making It Perfectly Circular: Let us inform you : 1-PET-Bottles: The raw-materials are obtained from recycled PET-bottles. 2-Flakes : The PET-bottles are washed and chopped into flakes. 3-Granules: When the flakes are melted down, they turn into granules... 

4-Recycled Raw Material : ...which are respond into thread/yarns... 5-Recycled Sewing Threads : ...and form the basis for our sustainable sewing threads.

We design and manufacture in North-Holland and since years we also manufacture in our small studio in "the boot" of Southern-Europe.

Simply with Dutch-European working conditions and No-Asian-Child-Labor. Very nearby. Just as it should be ! Why Not ?

P & D doesn't like mass-production, fast-fashion and PVC-leather, better known as vegan-leather.Do we have to explain more ?

To Be Conscious Is ... To Be Aware !

Sustainability is important to us.
We take our responsibility in this by carefully looking at the materials we want and can use.
We understand that sustainability is an ongoing process and we are not quite there yet. But we are ambitious in our goals.
Step by step, we remain committed to improving our positive impact on the planet.

Recycle | Reuse | Reduce