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L E A T H E R  I S  M O R E

Leather is one of the most sustainable natural materials.

Cows are kept for dairy or meat. The leather is tanned from the skins as a by-product.

We use rescued leather from international top brands that reject certain pieces of leather. (due to a scar and / or color difference in mass productions)

But sometimes a renowned brand suddenly chooses a different color, which means that mass production is rejected.

Our bags are made of high quality durable leather and are manufactured in our workshop "in the boot" of Europe.

Products made of leather last extra long, do not go out of fashion and also become more beautiful over time.

We use the large pieces of leather for our bags and the leather that is left is used for logos and pullers.

In this way we waste as little leather as possible.

T O  B E  C O N S C I O U S

' is to be aware '

R E M A I N I N G  L E A T H E R  L O T S

As we use leftovers, we may sometimes use naturally tanned leather and traditionally tanned leather.

Traditionally tanned leather is strong, colourfast, available in Italy in various colors and water-repellent.

The amount of chromium used in the traditional tanning process is minimal and is not in proportion to, for example, the production of textiles for clothing.

In contrast to naturally tanned leather, traditional tanning uses less water, which makes leather tanning less damaging to nature than, for example, the denim production process.

A Polder & Dike bag is durable in several areas. Our products do not take long boat or flight trips, leather lasts a long time and through upcycling we prevent these skins from being dumped.

The up-cycled leather that we only use is used as efficiently as possible. By cleverly cutting out the patterns, we minimize the waste from the leather.

We can use even the smallest pieces of leather for compartments or for the pullers on the zippers of the bags.

T O  B E  C O N S C I O U S

' is to be aware '


Leather is one of the most durable materials because it lasts so long and becomes nicer and smoother with time.

In contrast to, for example, a bag made of fake leather (pvc, polyurethane = type of plastic) which shows wear after a year and is not digestible because it is synthetic.

When you consciously choose a bag entirely to your taste, you also choose a bag that will last a long time. So a sustainable choice.

We are sure that this bag will not remain in your closet.

Buy less, Buy better.